Install a New, Affordable Air Conditioning System
in Findlay, OH

Is Your Space Too Warm? Call for New Air Conditioning Installation

Bowers Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Findlay, OH, offers affordable air conditioning options for home and business owners to keep their space comfortable. Buildings that are too warm or humid can cause problems for both your health and your household items. Do not suffer from extreme heat or an old air conditioner that cannot keep up – call Bowers Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (419) 423-8666 for an estimate on a new system. As a Daikin elite dealer, we have the equipment you need to keep your home or business cool while keeping energy costs low. We offer financing options for new installations as well.

Bowers Heating & Cooling, Inc. Installs Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split heat pumps are great ways to provide cool and warm air to your home while keeping energy costs low. Ductless mini split systems can either provide uniform heat to one room or area of your home, or you can choose multi-zone systems to work for your whole space. They are perfect for additions or homes without existing ductwork, as one piece attaches to the wall while the other is outside. Installation is fairly simple, and will provide you with years of comfortable air and savings. Are you ready to incorporate a ductless mini split system into your home in Findlay, OH, or the surrounding areas? Call on Bowers Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

Signs it is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System in Findlay, OH

While you may be inclined to continue repairs on your air conditioner, it may be time to call it quits and replace it. Some signs that it is time for a new system can include:

  • The air conditioner is over 10 years old
  • Constant leaks or moisture
  • No longer producing cool air
  • Constant need for service
  • Increased energy/cooling bills
If your air conditioner meets these criteria, it may be time for a new one. Contact Bowers Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Findlay, OH, today to discuss your options and to get the right air conditioning system to fit your home or business. We also offer air filters and other indoor air quality improvement devices to help your air conditioning system run more efficiently while keeping your air clean.